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Nefrodialisis S.A.S. is a nephrologists company founded in 1996 in Medellin, Colombia.  It serves the renal centers “Kidney Institute”, in Medellin, and “Manuel Uribe Angel Hospital” (HMUA), in Envigado, both belonging to Fresenius Medical Care, and with programs in peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis and external consultation.  In addition, we answer to the hospital interconsultations of in-patients in the HMUA and we install catheters for hemodialysis patients with direct ultrasound guidance as well as peritoneal catheters.

Nefrodialisis S.A.S. is a company of nephrologists founded in 1996 in Medellín, Colombia. It provides services to the Kidney Institute, in Medellín, and to the Manuel Uribe Ángel Hospital (HMUA), in Envigado, attending peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis and outpatient consultations and hospital interconsultations to the HMUA. An interventional expert is available to install ultrasound-guided hemodialysis catheters and peritoneal catheters, and as well, these accesses are monitored.

From the academic point of view, Nephrodialysis remains in continuous activity. Residents from Colombia and other countries have been received and permanent updating meetings are held, through magazine clubs and topic discussions. To highlight, the symposium "Nephrology a Day in a Day" has been organized every year without interruption since 2008. In 2020 and 2021, given the restrictions for massive group meetings due to Covid-19, they were held via webinar, with outstanding data on participation in the two years as a whole; 8,000 physicians registered and 2,700 attended the conferences, including 600 internal medicine specialists, 400 nephrologists, 30 cardiologists, 45 resident physicians, several endocrinologists, and a large number of general practitioners and auditors, doctors in charge of cardiovascular and renal risk programs , diabetes and high blood pressure. There were attendees from all over Colombia and from 15 countries in America, Europe and Africa. These figures allow us to affirm, without a doubt, that our events reach and exceed any projection and that, up to now, they have been the most attended medical congresses in Nephrology in Colombia.

For 2022, the XV Symposium is scheduled to be held on the afternoon of Friday, July 8, and on the morning of Saturday, July 9, maintaining the philosophy of holding the event in one day, thus respecting the valuable time of each doctor and generating the opportunity of being up to date in a booming branch of medicine, such as Nephrology. The topics, as has always been traditional, will be very varied, especially in the cardiometabolic area, arterial hypertension, type 2 diabetes, glomerular disease, chronic renal failure, urinary infection and nephrolithiasis. On the other hand, we have developed the website,, where you can find the audio and video recordings of the conferences given both at the XIV Symposium 2021 and in previous years. These can be consulted free of charge by anyone.


I want to thank the Organizing Committee of the XV Symposium, made up of doctors Edwin Quintero and Juan Diego Montejo, nephrologists, leaders in their field, for their commitment and innovative ideas. Likewise, I once again highlight the very valuable assistance of Paola Cardona and engineer Juan Carlos Cardona for an impeccable job. Finally, two thanks must be made: first, to all the companies in the pharmaceutical sector that have believed in this symposium and in our group, because with their help they have allowed Nefrodialisis to reach many doctors with continuing education, and, second, to the Colombian Association of Nephrology and Arterial Hypertension for the support granted and that has allowed a significant number of associates to continue with this update in academic aspects.




Ivan Villegas

Director, Nefrodialisis S.A.S.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee

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