About us

Nefrodialisis S.A.S. is a nephrologists company founded in 1996 in Medellin, Colombia.  It serves the renal centers “Kidney Institute”, in Medellin, and “Manuel Uribe Angel Hospital” (HMUA), in Envigado, both belonging to Fresenius Medical Care, and with programs in peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis and external consultation.  In addition, we answer to the hospital interconsultations of in-patients in the HMUA and we install catheters for hemodialysis patients with direct ultrasound guidance as well as peritoneal catheters.

Nefrodialisis S.A.S. is a physiciannephrologistcompanyfounded in 1996 in Medellin, Colombia. It serves theKidneyInstitute in Medellin and Manuel Uribe Angel Hospital (HMUA), in Envigado, attendingpatientson peritoneal dialysis andhaemodialysisas well asexternalconsultation and in-hospitalinterconsultationsto HMUA. Wehaveinterventionalexpertnephrologistavailabletoinstallhemodialysiscatheterswithultrasoundguidance and peritoneal catheters and theseaccesses are tracked and followed in time.  Our peritoneal dialysisprogramrunnedby Fresenius Medical Careisoneofthelargest in theworld, with more than 350 patients.

Fromanacademicpointofviewwe are in continuousactivity. Residents and postgraduatephysiciansfrom Colombia and othercountrieshavebeenwelcomed and permanentupdate meetings are heldthroughjournal clubs and topicdiscussions. Tohighlight, thesymposium "Nephrologya Day in One Day" has beenorganizedeveryyearonanuninterrupted basis since 2008. In 2020, giventherestrictionsformassivegroup meetings bythe Covid-19, the XIII Symposiumwasheldforthefirst time viawebinar. Thelatter's data are blunt. 2800 physicianswereenrolled and 1850attendedtheconferences, including 396 specialists in Internal Medicine, 220 nephrologists, 25 cardiologists, 20 residentphysicians, severalendocrinologists and a largenumberoffamily and general doctors,auditors, and those in chargeof cardiovascular, renal risk, diabetes and highbloodpressureprograms. Attendeesfromallover Colombia and 15 countries in theAmericas, Europe and Africawerecounted. These figures makeitpossibletostate, without a doubt, thatthiseventreached and surpassedanyprojection and thatit has so farbeenthemostassisted medical congress in Nephrology in Colombia.

Thisyearthe XIV Symposiumisscheduledto be heldontheafternoonof Friday, July 16 and onthemorningofSaturday, July 17, maintainingthephilosophyofdoingtheevent in oneday, thusrespectingthevaluable time ofeach doctor and generatingtheopportunityto be up to date in Nephrology. Thetopics, as has alwaysbeentraditional, will be varied, especially in thecardiometabolicarea. As a noveltyforthisyear, twopre-congress workshops will be heldforthefirst time, onthenightsofWednesday 14th and Thursday 15th July, eachoftwohours. Thefirstwill deal with vascular interventionism in renal failure and will be dictatedby Dr. Edwin Quintero, who hasextensiveacademic training and experience in anareathatisjusttakingitsfirststepsfornephrologists in Colombia and theworld and thataimstofillthis gap. Thesecondwill be dictatedbyourspecialist in highbloodpressure, Dr. Juan Diego Montejo, and will be aboutoutpatientmonitoringofbloodpressure (ABPM), anotherareathatnephrologistsmust resume forbettermanagementofsuch a widenedpathology, today in thehandsmainlyofcardiologists. Forboth workshops pre-registrationisalready open and theinvestmentisreallyveryeconomical.


Ontheotherhand, thewebsite has beenwelldeveloped, and audio and video recordingsoftheconferencesgiven at boththe XIII Symposium 2020 and in previousyears can be consultedfor free byanyone.


I wouldliketothanktheOrganizingCommitteeofthe XIV Symposium, made up ofabovementionedDrs. Quintero and Montejo, leaders in theirfield, fortheircommitment and novel ideas. I alsohighlightagainthe invaluable assistanceof Paola Cardona and engineer Juan Carlos Cardona forimpeccablework.

Finally, itisnecessarytomaketwothanks: thefirst, tothecompanies in thepharmaceuticalfield thathavebelieved in thissymposium and in ourgroup, sincethroughtheircommitmenthaveallowedNefrodialisistoreachmanydoctorswithcontinuouseducation and, second, totheColombianAssociationofNephrology and Arterial Hypertensionforthegrantedsupport and that has allowed a significantnumberofnephrologiststocontinuewiththis up-to-date onacademicaspects.




Ivan Villegas

Director, Nefrodialisis S.A.S.