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Ivan Villegas

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Manager, Nefrodialisis SAS
Founder and general organizer Symposium Nephrology a Day in one Day
Medical Director, Kidney Institute

Fresenius Medical Care
Private practice at Endocrino SA
Ad-Honorem Professor of Nephrology at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana
Speaker and Researcher in Diabetes

Medellin Colombia

Edwin F. Quintero Higuera

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Internal Medicine Doctor - Nephrologist

Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrologist Fresenius Medical Care.

Medical Director, Renal Unit Manuel Uribe Angel Hospital.


Medellin Colombia

Juan Diego Montejo Hernandez

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Internist Physician - Nephrologist.

High blood pressure specialist.

Speaker and advisor on HTN, diabetes and CKD issues.



Medellin Colombia

Paola A. Cardona Padilla

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Assistant, Nefrodialisis.

Quality Manager in Health Care and Administration Specialist.



Medellin Colombia

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